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Laser hair removal or IPL, which is better?

Performing Laser Hair Removal, through the laser system or IPL, also known as INTENSE PULSED LIGHT for permanent hair reduction, was the first treatment that promised the possibility of being hair free forever. However, it was slow, not to mention expensive when it first came out. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser hair removal was devised as a faster and less expensive hair removal method.

Both laser hair removal and IPL use high-energy light beams to kill hair follicles, but laser uses a wavelength of light of 808 nanometers, while IPL uses non-selective, intense white light. However, it has often been claimed that IPL is not as effective as laser when it comes to permanent hair reduction, as well as being very painful in many cases.

The truth is that both laser and IPL laser hair removal treatments vary in effectiveness and there are several reasons for this.

2. The skill and training of the technician performing your treatment:
If the machine is not set correctly for your skin type, at best you will receive a treatment that does not reduce hair; in the worst case, you could end up with serious burns. This is true for both IPL laser hair removal and laser hair removal.

3. Variation in skin color due to sun exposure:
Skin type is evaluated using the Fitzpatrick scale, from 1 very light skin that burns easily to 5 black skin. If you get a tan between treatments or use artificial tanning, this may affect the results. This is because the light energy used in the treatment is attracted to the pigment. If there is more pigment in your skin because you got a tan, then the light energy will be diverted to the epidermis and not delivered through the pigment in the hair shaft to the hair follicle. This will render the treatment ineffective and may also cause a burn.

The best advice when deciding whether to opt for laser hair removal or IPL laser hair removal is to choose a clinic with medical grade laser equipment and highly trained operators, as you will find at Body Laser Spa. The latter is usually the case if the clinic or salon has invested in a good quality machine. If it does,

Body Laser Spa in Weston offers laser hair removal using Laser Soprano Ice, which is a medical grade system that provides proven results and is approved by the US FDA.
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